couverture rapport environment noise europe 2020The report presents an updated assessment of the population exposed to high levels of environmental noise and the associated health impacts in Europe, based on the new World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations. The report also documents actions being taken to manage and reduce noise exposure and reviews the progress made towards meeting policy objectives. The evaluation of the status of exposure to environmental noise in Europe is based on the latest data collected under the Environmental Noise Directive (END). The report also describes other relevant issues, such as inequalities in exposure to environmental noise as well as impacts on wildlife.


Thématiques: Biodiversité, Perception et effets sur la santé
Année de parution: 2020
Type de contenu: Etude, Rapport
Mots clés: politique du bruit - effet du bruit sur la santé -hygiène et sécurité information - exposition au bruit
Langue: Anglais
Auteur moral: Agence Européenne de l'Environnement
Description: 97 pages hors annexes
Ressource disponible en prêt au CidB ? : Oui
Référence CidB: 78/12872