The major objective of the symposium is to initiate a new discussion on how to improve the "Buy Quiet" purchasing attitude. This includes topics like:

  • The implementation of legal requirements on noise emission in practice
  • Manufacturers experience with the development and promotion of low noise products
  • Existing and required further key elements to foster a "Buy Quiet" attitude
  • Advantages for both manufacturers and purchasers in the application of noise emission information
  • New strategies, concepts for legal requirements, declarations, labels


The symposium will take place on 25 August 2016, from 9.00 to 17.45.


The symposium´s language is English.

Target group

Manufacturers as well as employers using and purchasing machines, acousticians and both health and safety and environmental protection executives being interested in developing a successful concept supporting a buying quiet attitude to reduce excessive noise.

Conference Secretary: Carla Kniewel - BAUA - Unit Physical Agents - Friedrich Henkel Weg 1-25 - 44149 Dortmund - Phone +49 231 9071-2461 - E-Mail: kniewel.carla@baua.bund.de